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Diary of a wimpy kid THE GETAWAY is illustrated and written by Jeff Kinney. The getaway is the 12th book of the diary of a wimpy kid book series. The Getaway is preceded by Book 11 kid the Double Down and followed by The Meltdown Book 13 which is the thirteen book of the series. This book was announced in one of the events of Diary of a wimpy kid in 2017 and then published and released on the 7th of November 2017.

The Getaway book 12


In The Getaway the Greg and his family are going out of town this time because they received some kind of flyer.

Following are some of the frequently asked questions by the wimpy kid book readers and fans, so we will try to discuss some of the important questions only. This will be short one-line answers.

What grade level is Wimpy Kid Book 12?

This book is for Grade 4 to grade 8. but believe me, anyone of any age will enjoy its reading.

What is the theme for Wimpy Kid The Getaway?

The theme of this book is about Greg’s vacation trip with his parents and his brother, but there they face chaos and things just get wrong for them.

Who is the antagonist in Book 12?

Rowley Jefferson which is the second main character after Greg of this story who is also an antagonist in this story.

Who are the main characters in Book 12 The Getaway?

The following are the main characters of this story of book 12 of a wimpy kid.

How old is Greg in Wimpy Kid Diary Book 12?

In the previous book, Greg’s age was revealed as 13. But in the diary of a Wimpy Kid The Long Haul (film) Greg’s age is reset to 12. This is quite a bit confusing but still, we can say that the age is somewhere 12-14.

What is the newest Book of Wimpy Kid?

Currently, in November 2019 the newest Diary of a wimpy kid book is The Wrecking Ball which is book 14.

Is there going to be a diary of a wimpy kid 15?

Yes, definitely if we live longer we will see its next version as well. hehehe.

Which is the best Wimpy Kid book?

Generally, the whole book series is just amazing due to its hilarious nature but  wimpy kid book 2 Rodrick rules book 2 is just hilarious of all.

How many Wimpy Kid books are there in 2019?

Till now November 2019 we have 14 wimpy kid books, and one Diary of an awesome friendly kid journal and The wimpy kid do it yourself book, The wimpy kid movie diary, diary of a wimpy kid special cheesiest edition


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