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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 5: The Ugly Truth is the fifth book in the Diary of a wimpy kid book series .It is  2010 bestselling children’s fiction book by American author and cartoonist Jeff Kinney. Amazing thing about Ugly Truth is that it sold 548,000 copies in its initial week of publication.

Jeff Kinney initially struggled with the decision of whether Greg would be a non-aging “cartoon character” or a literary character that would age and go through puberty, deciding to make puberty one of the book’s themes. Kinney also debated over whether to end the series with five books, eventually deciding to continue the series.

Starting Scene of  THE UGLY TRUTH

September Thursday it’s been almost two and a half weeks since me and my ex-best friend Rowley Jefferson had our

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big fight to be honest with you I thought he would have come crawling back to me by now but for some reason that hasn’t happened I’m actually starting to get a little concerned because school starts back up in a few days and if we’re gonna get this friendship back on track something needs to happen quick if me and Rowley really are through that would stink because the two of us had a pretty good thing going like how he’d pulled me up the hill while I sat on my skateboard drinking a soda now that our friendship is history I’m in the market for a new best friend the problem is I invested all my time in Rowley and I don’t have anyone lined up to take his place the two best options I have at this point are Christopher brownfield and Tyson Sanders but each of those guys has his own issues.

I hung out with Christopher for the last few weeks of the summer mostly because he’s a really excellent Mosquito Magnet but Christopher is more of a summertime friend than a school year friend Tyson is nice enough and we like the same video games but he pulls his pants all the way down when he uses the urinal and I don’t know if I can ever get past that the only other kid my age who’s not paired up with someone is fregley but i ruled him out as best friend material a long time ago when he said I’ll bet I can fit your whole foot in my mouth anyway I’m still keeping the door open to crack for Rowley just in case but if he wants to save this friendship he’d better do something fast because the way things stand he’s not going to come out looking very good in my autobiography Greg Heffley a life by Greg Heffley when you turn to Chapter eight childhood it would start with I used to live near this kid I think his name was Rupert or Rodger or something with my luck though I’ll go on to be rich and famous and Raleigh will still find a way to ride my coattails like maybe writing his own autobiography called I used to be friends with Greg Heffley by Rowley Jefferson or something like that.

Saturday the reason I don’t see things changing between me and Rowley is because he’s already found himself a replacement friend or to be more accurate his parents did for the past few weeks rallies been hanging out with this teenager named Bryan whenever I go by rally’s house he’s out in his front yard throwing a football or a frisbee with a guy who looks like he’s in high school or college well I did some poking around and found out that this Brian guy isn’t just some normal kid from the neighborhood he’s part of a company called cool Brian which is sort of like a big brother for hire kind of thing in fact I’d be willing to bet money this guy’s name isn’t even really Brian I mean he drives a van that says cool Brian wholesome mentors for growing boys call five five five six seven thirty nine who does that mom said she thinks the cool Brian thing is a great idea because it gives kids a role model they can look up to that makes me kind of mad because the way I see it I’m rally’s role model I mean who else would teach rally how to set up a tripwire for his parents when they’re getting the mail good times and now Rowleys parents are paying some guy to do what I’ve been doing all these years for free the thing that really burns me is that Rowley probably doesn’t even know his parents are paying this guy to spend time with him and I don’t think it would the rally if he did know the truth today I saw rally hanging out with a different cool Brian so rallies regular guy must have had the day off but I could tell rally didn’t even notice.

Tuesday today was the first day of school I don’t want to jinx things but it’s looking like this could be a great year for me in homeroom we got our textbooks for the semester my school can’t afford to get new books every year so we usually get hand-me-downs but when you get a book that 10 kids had before you it makes it kind of hard to do any actual learning there’s more doodles than words on every page usually I have really bad luck when it comes to previous book owners last year I got a math book that had belonged to Brian gute and that didn’t exactly up my cool factor in the hallways because Brian is a notorious nerd but this year.

I totally lucked out when I got my math book I found out it used to belong to Jordan Sheree Jordan jury is the most popular kid in the grade above me so carrying his textbook around should translate into some major popularity points one reason Jordan is so popular is because he always has these big blowout parties and it’s really hard to get invited but I figure this algebra book could be just the thing I need to get on his radar speaking of popular kids I sat near Bryce Anderson and his group of friends at lunch today Bryce is basically the Jordan jury of my grade and he’s got a bunch of cronies who are always going along with everything he says and those guys are loyal to Bryce no matter how dumb he makes them look see Bryce Anderson has the right idea he doesn’t actually need a best friend because he’s got a bunch of lackeys who basically worship Him the reason me and Rowley didn’t make it is because we were equal partners in our friendship and I don’t think that kind of model has a chance of working out.

Friday at school today I heard Raley tell some kid he was going to a rock concert tonight I admit I was a little jealous since I’ve never been to a real concert myself but when I found out Rowley was going to see this guy named Joshi who all the girls screamed for I was glad I wasn’t invited now he’s gonna be the only guy there still it kind of irks me that Bradley is having more fun than I am in fact it seems like everyone is having more fun than me these days there are some kids in my grade who post their pictures online and from the look of things they’re all having a way better time than I am at cheerleading camp hanging out with their friends eating ice cream singing karaoke to their stuffed bears I don’t want people thinking my life is lame,

so I decided to take some pictures to show how great things are going for me all you really need is a digital camera and a photo editing program and you can make it look like you’re having a total blast I stuck my picture in all these cool places like watching beach volleyball lying dancing pillow fighting with the girls and inner tubing with cool people tonight I was right in the middle of creating a wild New Year’s Eve party scene when I got busted by mom oh well mom won’t let me post photos on the computer anyway because of privacy and all that or maybe it’s because she learned her lesson after letting my older brother Rodrick post his pictures mostly with his band loded diper Rogers been trying to get a job so he can buy a new drum set but nobody will hire him mom told him that nowadays employers look up the people they’re thinking of hiring and that his pictures are probably hurting his chances so Roderick replaced his band pictures with one where he’s looking serious wearing glasses and reading an encyclopedia I don’t think it’s gonna work. Read More…
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