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Diary Of a Wimpy Kid DOUBLE DOWN is written and illustrated by Jeff Kinney. Double Down is the 11the book of wimpy kid book series. This 11th book of the series was 1st published on November 1st, 2016 and released worldwide on the 17th of October 2016. Double down is preceded by the book 10 kid Old School and followed by book 12 The Getaway.

Double Down book 11

In this book, Wimpy kid Diary the main character Greg Heffley he compares his life with a TV reality show and he thinks that how his life is a Reality TV show. And he assumes that all other family members like his brothers, his parents and all other people in his life are just like actors.

Susan (Greg’s mother ) gave him some money to buy some books at the school book fair but he spent all the money on purchasing some other stuff except the books due to which she gets angry with her. She asked him to return this stuff and buy the book instead. Greg follows his mom’s orders and does the same is it was ordered but Greg buys books that she doesn’t want for and does not approve it. Because Greg buys some horror books, ( hahaha).

Following are some of the popular questions that I found people ask about book 11 Double Down:

What is the problem in Wimpy Kid book 11 double down?

The problem is with Greg’s mom she actually thinks that the video games are not good for Greg and it turning him feeble.
What grade level is Wimpy Kid double down?

Well, it is hard to confine this book with a specific age group but still, it is good for Grade 3 to grade 7.

What’s the latest Wimpy Kid Book series?

The lastest book now in 2019 is Diary of a wimpy kid Wrecking ball.

What is the genre of Wimpy Kid book 11 double down?

Diary of a wimpy kid Genre: Diary fiction
What grade level is of Wimpy Kid?

Well, diary of a wimpy kid generally for grade 3-7 but even an adult is enjoying reading this book and this book is so attractive that you can’t stop reading this book.
What is the main idea of Wimpy Kid diary book 11 double down?

Greg’s mom thinks that Greg is playing video games which is not good for Greg because it will make his mind mush and she wants him to put down the controller of video games and focus on his creative side.
What is the Lexile for Wimpy Kid book double down?

Lexile for this book double down: 990L and DRA Level: 40

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