Diary Of A Wimpy Kid | Book 14- WRECKING BALL-2019

Diary of  a Wimpy Kid Book 14  Wrecking Ball 2019 is here to get a copy

Wrecking Ball book 14 is now on the board and the Title and Book Cover and color has been revealed and will be available in the Markets and Online for wimpy kid’s fans soon. This is another hilarious entry by Jeff Kinney into the wimpy kid book series. This book 14  will is published in the UK by Puffin(which is part of Penguin Random House Children’s) on the November 5th.


book 14

Wimpy kid book 14 Wrecking Ball Theme in short

In the new book of wimpy kid series (Wrecking ball)  Greg’s family gets some unexpected inheritance that will allow them to make improvements to their house. But when things take a turn for the worse will they be forced to move?

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In this new book, a surprise windfall allows the Heffley to renovate their home. But as construction complications ensue, the family finds itself at risk of having to move.

Just a month back another book released by Jeff Kinney which was not directly part of this series story but still has some relation with the wimpy kid book series. That book was Diary of an awesome friendly kid which was published in  April 2019 and has gone to become the bestseller in the United States., Selling just under 0.3million copies.

More details about this book will be posted here soon. Keep visiting 🙂 , Also to order this book please visit Here

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