So now we finally we have The new boook of Wimpykid book series “The Deep End” which is Book 15 of Diary of wimpy kid from #1 International Best selling author Jeff Kinney.

I’m going to be talking about diary of wimpy kid book 15 The Deep End. It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for this book even though it hasn’t been really that long. This book was delayed due to coronavirus like many other books that we’ve all been waiting for including dirk diaries number 15. I am so grateful for all of the amazing content that Jeff Kinney has put out how many book series.

Can you honestly say have 15 books of equal perfection and consistency with each of them and especially with the new rally branch off series we’re getting even more content than ever my favorite in the entire series is The getaway  (The book 12) but I’m telling you this one is coming up real close one of my favorite.

diary of wimpy kid The Deep End book 15


Things about this book is it starts out with the family in quarantine they’re stuck inside they have to be quiet for other people doing work it’s literally exactly quarantined and I love that Greg is going through the same things that we all are this book focuses on the Hefley’s vacation.

They are taking a road trip everybody and in my opinion a much needed one for their family but come on how awesome is this cover I love the floating letters I like the distortion of the water over the pool I love that Jeff Kinney has been making new and unique cover designs while still staying true the original journal look he’s able to take these books in completely different fun directions but still it stays so true to the original diary wimpy kid feel.


I recommend getting this book so much this channel is never one to spoil endings ever but I would just like to say that this ending is perfection and now I will read for you the very first chapter of this book not all of it but I will be reading some of it starting from the beginning Thursday I love my family and all but I don’t need to spend 24 hours a day with them seven days a week and that’s exactly the way it’s been around here lately.

It’s not just me who’s getting tired of this either we’re all going a little nuts and if things don’t change soon I think we’re gonna go off the deep end mom says we’ve been cooped up for too long and we just need a vacation but what we really need is vacation from each other that’s not gonna happen anytime soon though because we don’t have any money and the reason we don’t is kind of a long story we’ve been living in grandma’s basement for two months and I don’t know how much longer we can keep going like this mom says that one day we’ll look back on this time and smile but she’s not the one who has to share a futon with Roderick every night.

The crazy thing is grandma’s got plenty of room in her house so I don’t understand why our whole family has to stay in her basement when we first got here I called dibs on the guest room but grandma said it was already taken I don’t think grandma’s too thrilled we’re living with her because whenever her friends come over she asks us to stay out of sight and that’s kind of inconvenient because there isn’t a bathroom in the basement and her friends always stay forever we can’t use the kitchen when grandma’s got guests which means we can’t eat dinner until after they’re gone but last night i guess Roderick got sick of waiting.

So heated up some leftover pizza in grandma’s dryer there’s no tv in grandma’s basement so the only thing we’ve got to entertain ourselves with is each other and trust me that’s not enough if you guys like that excerpt you’re gonna love the entire book it’s just so amazing I love it so much. You must Get this Book from here Here.

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