Diary of Wimpy Kid-THE LONG HAUL (Book 9)

The diary of a wimpy kid book 9 with the title “The Long Haul ” which is also one of the well-known books of this series. And it has the most searches on google out of all the other books of this series. The Long Haul(Book 8) was Published: November 2014. I think Hard Luck book 8 pdf is also available to download from Amazon as I have seen its audio version you will find the link below.

Diary of a wimpy kid The Long Haul (book 09)

So now let’s talk a little bit about “The Loung Haul“. After summer vacation starts, Greg’s mother Susan Heffley announces that we are going on a surprise Long road trip, despite her previous mistake on using a visit to Aunt Loretta to hide a surprise trip to Disney World in previous years. So Greg thinks that Manny is still confused and he thinks that we are again going to aunt’s house instead of Disney World. Greg was also not quite happy with this as he was also thinking kind of the same.

So Greg with his parents is off on a road trip and but Greg is almost not excited due the reason for what happened last year. So the trip, which according to Greg’s mom insists will be wonderful but unfortunately does not go well. Greg’s father also says he had too much work to go, but Mom said there’s nothing more important than spending some time with your family.”

After all, the family went on their road trip with all family members and all the necessary luggage filling the family’s van. Greg ends up kind of stuck in the back of the van in between the stack of luggage in a very uncomfortable position (lol :p ). So at the very beginning Things not really well for Greg and goes from bad to worse. Obviously how come can Enjoy his journey when he was jammed in luggage.

The Starting Scene of The Long Haul

June Friday: If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my many years of being a kid it’s that you have zero control over your own life. Ever since school that out I haven’t had anything I’ve needed to do or anywhere I’ve needed to be as long as the air conditioning was working and the TV remote had batteries in it. I was all set for a relaxing summer holiday but then out of the blue this happened Mom walks in and says pack your bags we’re going on a road trip.

This isn’t the first time Mom has sprung a trap on us without any warning. Last year on the first day of summer she said we were going upstate for a few days to visit aunt Loretta at the nursing home. It wasn’t exactly my idea of a fun way to kick off a summer one time when we visited on Loretta. Her roommate grabbed me and wouldn’t let go until a staffer gave her a chocolate chip muffin but mom was just bluffing about going to the nursing home at breakfast. The next morning she told us where we were really going we’re going to Disney World me and my brother Roderick were happy because we were both dreading spending the first week of our summer holiday playing shuffleboard at a nursing home but when my little brother Manny heard about the change in plans he totally lost it. Read more… or Get This Book Now


wimpy kid the long haul

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wimpy kid The long haul

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wimpy kid the long haul

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Diary of a wimpy kid


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